About Us

Genuine Infotech Private Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company which was started in November, 1995 at Coimbatore. As its one of product questionbankcds.in has been launched in 2007.

Questionbankcds.in is a child site emerged from Winentrance.com, a leading educational. Questionbankcds.in is an exclusive site for practice question bank cds for all levels of Board exams, School Entrance Exams, Professional Entrance exams and Government Recruitment Exams.

Questionbankcds.in aims to make the practice & learn for exams easy and successful. As its aim, the sites covers abundant cd’s for Medical , Engineering, MBA, MCA, School board exams, School entrance exams, UPSC, SSC, Railway and Bank.

Many experts toiled hard to design the best and flawless tests. Practicing more online tests will gradually improve the performance, accuracy and speed. Day-by-day improvements will be experienced by the regular online test users. More practice, preparation wash out timidness, time management stress and errors.

Though many Institutions, Coaching classes, Text material support the preparatory methods to the best, Questionbankcds.in practice cd gives a relaxed mood to sit at place for starting the practice – time saving is one of the main features. We can access the tests at our suitable time along with subject guidance. The tests have instant indicators for results, performance levels. Knowing results and performance level will help to improve the preparations.

Our products are priced at a moderate level for easy purchase. We anticipate your fullest cooperation and valuable feedback for our better service.